Dogs and Water Safety

Warm weather means water time for many pooches, and some love to swim in their family’s personal pool or in local lakes or ponds. This can be a fun time for everyone, especially the dog, however, there should be a set of rules to water play.

Before allowing your dog to swim in your pool, ensure he knows where the exit is. You want your dog to understand how to get out of the pool if he ever gets in without you being present, or if he becomes fatigued. To begin, place a bright colored flag at the exits of your pool. Get into the pool with your dog, guide him to the exits and encourage him to use them. When he does, praise and reward with something yummy.

Swimming in the lake and boating go hand-in-hand.  However, accidents can occur, especially during busy months. No matter how well your dog can swim it is important that he wear a life vest when swimming or boating in open water. There are many life vests on the market. We have recommended Ruff Wear. Ruff Wear has some great items for all outdoor adventures.