Redefining Dog Training

Getting Through Your Own Training Anxiety

Dog Training

This blog was written by Britteny, our business manager: Many of you know me as the DogSpeak assistant.  In fact, on our first encounter, you may have been instructed to slam the door in my face while working with your dog on door control, (don’t worry, I don’t hold it against anyone ). During some training sessions, I’ve noticed the lookRead the Rest…

Teaching Children to Interact with Dogs

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Many homes in America have two things–kids and dogs.  Because of this common dynamic, it is imperative children understand how to appropriately interact with all dogs they come into contact with.  Though some family dogs may not mind being wrestled or sat upon, some are not comfortable with this.  In fact, this behavior will cause many dogs to snap at,Read the Rest…

Taking the Hard Road in Dog Training

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We have all been in situations where doing the wrong thing is much easier than doing the right thing. In dog training, doing the wrong thing gets dogs into trouble. They are often deemed untrainable, dumb or just bad. The truth is that whatever your dog is doing, he’s doing it because it has worked for him in the past.Read the Rest…

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