Redefining Dog Training

Holiday Dog Training Tips- Part 1

holiday dog trainning

The Christmas holiday season is often a very busy time for humans, which often means dogs are sometimes left to their own devices.  Office parties, shopping and family gatherings mean the dog is spending a little more time at home alone.  This is fine until he unwraps those Christmas gifts or tears the bows from the windows that you meticulouslyRead the Rest…

Children and Dog Training

Children and Dog Training

Bringing a dog into your family is a great way to teach your child responsibility, however, it is imperative all members of the family are on the same page so your dog and child are not taught bad habits related to training. I often see young children screaming, scolding and/or hitting their family pet because the dog displays an undesirableRead the Rest…

4-Legged Ferraris

high arousal puppies

Pit bull terriers have been the center of controversy for years.  Many cities have gone so far as to ban the breed or mixes of the breed completely.  Many rescues organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to change this legislation, and are also rescuing and adopting out thousands per year.   I believe these efforts are wonderful, and should not goRead the Rest…

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