Redefining Dog Training

Winter Training Fun

Dog Training Nashville

Winter is here, and it seems the days are getting colder.  We have been well under normal temperatures for this time of year, which means many of our regular outdoor activities have been interrupted. Dogs, like humans, can get cabin fever when the weather gets this cold.  Also, due to shorter days, many owners don’t get home from work beforeRead the Rest…

“4-Legged Ferrari” Preview

high arousal puppies

Introduction I have worked with more pit bulls in the past five years than I have in the twenty years of my career as a trainer.  The breed has made a resurgence in America, and has been at the center of controversy related to breed-specific and animal abuse legislation.  Home owners and renters are finding it more difficult to obtainRead the Rest…

Beginning Crate Training

crate training a dog

Many dogs have either never spent a day inside of a crate, or have spent so much time inside a crate they have a negative association with it. Crates can be man’s best tool or dog’s worst enemy, depending on the history of the dog. There are many pros to using a crate for your dog. It’s a great toolRead the Rest…

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