Redefining Dog Training

The Consequences of Building Your Dog’s Confidence


This post is written by Britteny, our business manager My dog, Jake, just turned 9.  If you have had a session with Nikki, you may have seen him (I’m sorry if he barked at your dog).  He’s a goofy flat-coated retriever mix I rescued 7 years ago.  He thinks all humans exist to pet him, and he thinks all dogsRead the Rest…

How to Help Your Dog During Thunderstorms

dog anxiety

We are all thankful for the warmer weather, but with spring comes thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms are a source of fear for some dogs.  Storm season means some dogs will be hiding under beds, in closets or their crates.  Many owners want to know how to help their canine friends to get through this common phobia. First, we need to look atRead the Rest…

Getting Through Your Own Training Anxiety

Dog Training

This blog was written by Britteny, our business manager: Many of you know me as the DogSpeak assistant.  In fact, on our first encounter, you may have been instructed to slam the door in my face while working with your dog on door control, (don’t worry, I don’t hold it against anyone ). During some training sessions, I’ve noticed the lookRead the Rest…

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