Nikki Ivey

Nikki Ivey is DogSpeak's founder, trainer and canine behavioral specialist. She is a certified Family Dog Mediator and Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She has been training dogs and their owners since 1996.  Nikki primarily works with dogs displaying behavioral issues such as dog and human aggression, fear and anxiety. In addition to in-home sessions, she hosts the DogSpeak podcast, and teaches multiple workshops and seminars. 

Nikki is a former search and rescue handler, instructor and trainer.

Nikki owned and operated one of the first daycare facilities in the Nashville area, and now assists daycare and kennel owners in their own facilities.  She has also written multiple books and produced several online courses to assist pet owners, business owners and and their staff, and rescue organizations. 

In her free time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family (including 2 dogs and 3 cats), working out and hosting karaoke. 

Nikki's continuing education includes:

Gray Peebles

Gray Peebles is DogSpeak's Lead Trainer, and has been with DogSpeak since 2017. His main focuses are teaching dogs appropriate manners and helping humans bond with their dogs. Gray is a certified Family Dog Mediator and is certified in canine nutrition. 

Gray has worked with dogs for more than a decade, and uses his two dogs, Obi and Jed, to help teach the dogs DogSpeak serves.

In his spare time, Gray enjoys playing drums, hiking and rock-climbing.

Alicia Russell

Alicia is DogSpeak’s Cooperative Care Specialist and group class teacher.

Alicia worked as a trainer and zookeeper for 13 years.  She began her career working with  birds, but spent the majority of her time with marine mammals.  This included a variety of species such as seals, sea lions dolphins and walruses.  Training cooperative care with these animals was a priority for their health and well-being.  She’s excited to take the skills she acquired during her career to inspire and help teach our clients ways they can guide their dogs to cooperate in their own health care using positive and stress free techniques.

She also works as a dental hygienist.  In her spare time, she loves being with friends and family, volunteering and training to compete in triathlons.