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  • Frustration in Dogs, part 2 (without Daniel)
    In this episode, Nikki continues the conversation about frustration and what it looks like in dogs, as well as some more thoughts on how to help your dog if he is feeling frustrated.
  • Frustration in Dogs
    In this episode, Nikki talks with Daniel Shaw BSc (Hons), GMBPsS, CDBC about frustration in dogs. Frustration isn't always a choice and can be recognized in the interstates and highways of the canine brain. Understand frustration and how you can help your dog through all levels. Animal Behaviour Kent – Dog Behaviourist | Dog
  • Beeping and Vibrating Collars and Barking During Play
    In this episode, Nikki is joined by Britteny to answer a couple of questions about using vibrating collars and the best way to handle a dog that is barking at other dogs during play.
  • Christmas Addition…now what?
    In this episode, Nikki gives advice on the best steps to take when bringing in a new dog, regardless of age. Christmas pups are very common, but don't jump straight into obedience training without first listening to this episode! ONLINE COURSE: BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS NOT DICTATORSHIPSDogSpeak Geek Monthly Memberships are now available!
  • Is Crating Cruel and Can You Reinforce Fear?
    In this episode, Nikki answers a few listener questions about crate training, eating the same food every day, trauma and if you can reinforce fear?
  • Listener Questions
    In this mini episode, Nikki answers two listener questions. More on how Nikki has changed on the use of leashes, harnesses, and how she has changed the use of a "timeout." She also talks the best way on teaching your dog how to behave before greeting other dogs.
  • Doing Nothing is Something!
    In this episode, Nikki and Gray talk about how they begin working on leash manners, exposure, and reactivity. Learn the importance of doing nothing to help your dog feel more comfortable and more focused on you!
  • Dog Myth Busters with a Focus on Pups
    In this episode, Nikki discusses some myths that are still floating around the pet world when it comes to our puppies. Can you increase your dog's fear by comforting him? Should dogs be taught to never put teeth on human skin? Nikki answers these questions and more! To support the podcast you can purchase […]
  • Fall Festivals and Ask Anything!
    In this episode, Nikki and Britteny talk about feeding a raw diet, update on family member's doodle, and if you really should be taking your dog to Fall Festivals. @dogspeak101FB @dogspeak101
  • Dog's Love Language and Recall Training
    In this episode, Nikki and Britteny answer a couple of listener questions. Do dogs have a love language and what is the right way to train a recall. Dog Training Nashville ( our podcast by purchasing merchandise!