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  • Listener Questions-May
    In this episode, Nikki and Britteny answer a couple of questions from listeners, recap the trauma series, and talk about how a trip with the dogs created some interesting thoughts. NOTE: We may have a couple of weeks where we do not upload any new episodes due to Nikki being out for a medical procedure. […]
  • Understanding Trauma, Part Five
    This is the final episode in the trauma series. Nikki and Britteny continue to share steps on how to assist your dog through trauma. of Nikki's education for this trauma series came through Danielle Beck, a Clinical Animal Behaviorist in the UK. She has some wonderful information on her website for owners and professionals. […]
  • Understanding Trauma, Part Four
    Nikki and Britteny get into the meat of what is expected by the dog owner when dealing with trauma. They really tried to do this in one episode but alas, there was too much to cover. So, you will be getting ONE more episode on trauma next week!
  • Understanding Trauma, Part Three
    TW: Trauma, abuse, SHIn this episode, Nikki and Britteny finish up the effects of trauma to the brain. Knowing which state your dog's brain is in can help you build empathy and true understanding to how you should meet him where he is. This is a difficult episode. We highly recommend you have coping strategies […]
  • Understanding Trauma, Part Two
    TW: This episode contains discussion on trauma and abuse. In this episode, Nikki and Britteny break down the specific parts of the brain that are affected by trauma. Understanding how your dog's brain struggles with basic requests and self-regulation can help build your empathy towards your dog. Trauma is a real challenge and the first step […]
  • Understanding Trauma, Part One
     Trigger Warning: This episode discusses trauma and abuse. In this first episode of our Trauma series, Nikki and Britteny dive into how trauma affects the different parts of the brain. Understanding how your dog's brain is affected is the first step in helping your dog to cope with their trauma as well as helping them […]
  • Pattern Games
    In this episode, Nikki discusses the use of teaching pattern games. Pattern games are great to use in changing environments, for reactivity, and more. Check out these great videos for teaching pattern games. 1,2,3ScatterUp/DownTwo Cookiehttps://www.dogspeak101.com the show
  • The Cohabitation of Cats and Dogs
    In this episode, Britteny joins Nikki to discuss ways to help cats and dogs live harmoniously within the home. Don't miss Nikki on the Dog Owners' Summit starting March 21st at 9 am PST! the show
  • Managing a Career, New Baby, Marriage, and Dogs with Julie Roberts
    In this episode, Nikki talks with country music recording artist, Julie Roberts, about how she manages all the moving parts of her life without losing sight of her dogs’ needs. Julie made her debut in 2004 with the release of her top 20 single, "Break Down Here." Here latest album, "Ain't in No Hurry" was […]
  • Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Neely North is in the HOUSE!
    In this episode, Nikki has a conversation with Dr. Neely North, Nashville Holistic Veterinarian about the advantages of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture, spinal manipulation, gut health, and Chinese herbs can make a difference in your dog's life even before they need medical care. Pet owners should know the benefits of having a holistic veterinarian as a […]