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Teaching Commands

Everyone wants a dog that will respond to commands. However, by focusing too much on command-based training, we don’t teach the most important foundational skills of self-control and problem solving. Without those skills, we don’t teach him to think for himself. When the foundation has been laid, we can begin to add commands. Commands are […]


Dogs and Water Safety

Warm weather means water time for many pooches, and some love to swim in their family’s personal pool or in local lakes or ponds. This can be a fun time for everyone, especially the dog, however, there should be a set of rules to water play. Before allowing your dog to swim in your pool, ensure […]

Lake Fun

The “Consequences” of Building Your Dog’s Confidence

The following was written by our business manager, Britteny My dog, Jake, just turned 10. If you have had a session with Nikki, you may have seen him. He’s a goofy flat-coated retriever mix I rescued 8 years ago. He thinks all humans exist to pet him, and he thinks all dogs should be his […]