Where do you travel?  Our trainers travel for in-home sessions many parts of Middle Tennessee.  Please note, some zip codes will incur a travel fee based on the distance from White Bluff, TN. Nikki is available to travel anywhere in the US for seminars and staff training.

Why don’t you offer free consultations? We recognize there are many trainers who offer free or reduced price consults prior to training. In order to have more time to help more people and their dogs, we don’t schedule consults. Our trainers will begin training during the first session.

How long are sessions, and how many will I need? Initial sessions are 1.5 hours.  Sessions are typically spaced about 2 weeks apart.  After the initial session, 1 and 1.5 hour sessions are offered.  Many manners issues can be taken care of in 2-4 sessions, while behavioral issues typically require more. We recommend booking 2 sessions initially as we book up quickly.

Contact us regarding rescue organization pricing if the dog is a foster.

Note: If your dog has bitten someone, we require a minimum of 3 sessions, and require the first 2 to be prepaid.

What if I have more than 1 dog? The price per session does not change regardless of the number of dogs being trained.  Keep in mind, though, more sessions may be required if each dog has significantly different issues, as training must be tailored to each dog.

What can I expect in a session? Our trainers will come to your home for training.  We recommend all family members and/or those who frequently take care of your dog(s) be present for the session.  DogSpeak provides high quality treats, but please have some available if your dog has food allergies or intolerances of any kind.

After each session, your trainer will email you handouts, resources and a recap pertaining to your dog’s needs.  Sessions are typically spaced about 2 weeks apart to allow you to get into the habit of using the techniques you have learned during your session.

We ask that any dog who displays aggression toward humans is put away prior to a session so Nikki can greet your dog in a non-confrontational manner. In extreme aggression cases, Nikki may not meet your dog during the first session. This is because many times there are changes that need to occur in the home prior to training. During the first session, Nikki will evaluate home dynamics, prior training and dog history with you. While we attempt to get as much of this information prior to a session, Nikki may have additional questions. Nikki may ask that your dog be acclimated to a muzzle prior to a session.

Do my kids need to be involved?  All family members, especially children, are encouraged to be involved in the training process.  This not only ensures consistency for your dog, it also teaches your children how to be more confident leaders, and how to interact appropriately with dogs.

Who will be training my dog? Nikki Ivey, Gray Peebles and Amanda Stephens are our trainers. Each has a different specialty when training. Occasionally, more than one trainer may come to a session in order to set up scenarios involving human and dog interaction (there is no additional fee for this). You can read more about your trainers in the Our Team section.

What if I need to cancel or change a session? We understand life happens, and are happy to work with you if you need to cancel or change a session.  If cancelling, please let us know within 24 hours of your appointment.  We reserve the right to charge $35 if adequate notice is not given.