Our Team

Nikki Ivey

Nikki Ivey is DogSpeak's founder, trainer and canine behavioral consultant.  She has been training dogs and their owners for more than 20 years.  Nikki works with dogs displaying poor manners, dog and human aggression, fear and other behavioral issues with the use of positive methods. In addition to in-home sessions, she also teaches group classes at The Farm at Natchez Trace.

Nikki owned and operated one of the first daycare facilities in the Nashville area, and now assists daycare and kennel owners in their own facilities.  She has also written multiple books and produced several online courses to assist pet owners, business owners and and their staff, and rescue organizations. 

Nikki is a former search and rescue handler, instructor and trainer, and is a current volunteer with Retrieving Independence, where she assists inmates train service dogs for children and adults with disabilities. 

In her free time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her family (including 2 dogs and 3 cats), working out and hosting karaoke. 


Gray Peebles

Gray Peebles is our Associate Trainer. Gray understands canine communication and how to teach real life manners using positive techniques.  His main focus teaching puppies and adult dog appropriate manners, such as leash walking, sit, stay, down and come. Gray is the primary trainer for our membership program, and also teaches group classes at Greymont Kennel and Crossroads Pet Professionals

Gray has worked with dogs for several years, and uses his two dogs, Obi and Jed, to help teach the dogs DogSpeak serves.  

In his spare time, Gray enjoys hiking and rock-climbing.  


Britteny Watson

Britteny Watson is DogSpeak's business manager, and has been with DogSpeak since 2013. You will likely speak to her when you book an appointment via phone or email.

Prior to working with DogSpeak, Britteny spent 10 years working in and managing pet-related businesses. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts in public relations from Belmont University.

In her free time, Britteny enjoys spending time with her family, cycling, hiking and gardening.