How We Contribute to Our Dogs’ Fear (and How We Can Help Reverse it)

Most of the behavioral issues I work with involve fearful dogs. A dog may exhibit many different behaviors when he is frightened. He may hide, whine, growl, snarl, snap or even lunge. The way humans respond to these behaviors ultimately shapes how dogs respond when they are afraid. Dog owners typically respond in one of two […]


What We Actually Do When We Shame Our Dogs

Dog shaming seems to be the new entertainment for many web users. If you aren’t familiar with this term, it’s when dog owners post videos of their dogs being confronted after something in the house has been destroyed, (usually with a “did you do this?”) to show the dog understands he did something wrong. As […]

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Why Some Dogs Don’t Want to be Petted: And why it’s okay

I have known several people who are afraid there is something wrong with their dog because the dog doesn’t want to be petted.  I need everyone to hear this:  it’s okay if your dog doesn’t want to be petted! Just like humans who don’t want others in their personal space, some dogs prefer to not be […]