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Why Some Dogs Don’t Want to be Petted: And why it’s okay

I have known several people who are afraid there is something wrong with their dog because the dog doesn’t want to be petted.  I need everyone to hear this:  it’s okay if your dog doesn’t want to be petted! Just like humans who don’t want others in their personal space, some dogs prefer to not be […]


Dog Training and Following Through

Consistency and follow through are crucial when training. It is important to set expectations that fit into your life, and stick with them. You should have this consistency throughout the day, not just when putting a leash on or when waiting at the door. This is one of the most difficult lessons I teach. It […]

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Understanding a Puppy’s Developmental Stages

The holiday season is upon us, and many families are considering bringing a new puppy into the home. It is essential families understand some of the crucial developmental stages in a puppy’s life in order to help her become a well-adjusted dog. Many puppies arrive in their new homes at around 8 weeks of age. […]