Real Life Rover Certification

Dog ownership looks different than it did in decades past. Dogs are more than pets; they are our family members. Because the public is beginning to recognize dogs as an integral part of many families, dogs are now permitted in many places where they were not previously. It’s important we teach our dogs how to behave in […]


Dealing with Counter-Surfing Pups

A familiar scene:  You step outside to start your grill so you can cook a steak you spent a good deal of time picking out, only to come back inside to see it has disappeared. Fido is in the corner of the room licking his lips. You’re furious, but what is the correct course of action […]

Get to Know DogSpeak

Communication Not Manipulation

A dear client of mine communicated to me that he believed his dog was manipulating him into giving a treat, pet, toy or just attention (by pawing, offering inappropriate behavior, etc). To manipulate means to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage. Is the dog offering behavior to get […]