Dog Training is 24/7

Dogs begin learning the moment they are born. Dogs learn by association. They associate their mother’s nipple with milk, their mother’s tongue with stimulation and the warmth of another body as comfort. Dogs aren’t only learning when they are in a “training session.” Dogs learn 24/7. Anytime you interact with your dog you are teaching […]

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Teaching Your Dog to Be a Better Vet Patient

Let’s face it, not all dogs enjoy going to the vet. It is important that you begin teaching your new dog how to be a good vet patient and that you create a positive association with the vet’s office. During her long life, she will be poked, prodded and pinched. She will have her ears […]


Nutrition and Your Dog’s Behavior: Part VII

In the next few blogs, we will discuss certain medical issues that our dogs are subject to. The first issue we will discuss is obesity. Did you know more than half of the dog population is overweight? It may not be a surprise to you with the increase of overweight adults and children in our […]