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The “Consequences” of Building Your Dog’s Confidence

The following was written by our business manager, Britteny My dog, Jake, just turned 10. If you have had a session with Nikki, you may have seen him. He’s a goofy flat-coated retriever mix I rescued 8 years ago. He thinks all humans exist to pet him, and he thinks all dogs should be his […]


Preventing Inner-Pack Aggression: Part II

As we discussed in the last article, it is imperative you establish leadership within your pack. Controlling all good things in their environment is a great way to accomplish this without being confrontational. Here are a few simple rules to begin living by to create the leadership role: 1. Feed on a schedule using separate […]


Preventing Inner-Pack Aggression: Part I

I work with many families whose dogs fight with one another. It’s not unnatural for dogs to have disagreements, however, there is a point when the disagreements can cause serious issues. Disagreements that turn into full blown fights can cause injury for both dogs, and can also cause tension in the human and dog pack. The […]