Dogs and Thunderstorms

We are all thankful for the warmer weather, but with spring comes thunderstorms. And thunderstorms are a source of fear for some dogs. Storm season means some dogs will be hiding under beds, in closets or their crates. Many owners want to know how to help their canine friends to get through this common phobia. […]


Why Dogs Bite

I get many phone calls from people whose dogs have bitten someone. They are understandably nervous and afraid of either their dogs or of what will happen to their dogs through the legal system. In order for me to assist, it is important I understand as much about a dog’s motivation for biting as possible. […]


Why I Use Positive Training Techniques

It seems that dog owners and trainers are constantly discussing the correct training methods for mans’ best friend. Will one method work with all dogs? Should you use the same technique with all dogs? Can you really train using “all positive”? What about correction collars? In my experience, learning consists of consequences. There are good […]