Dogs and Anxiety

Are you unable to leave your dog alone at home because he suffers from separation anxiety? Are friends unable to pet him when they come over for fear of submissive urination? Is he unable to play with other dogs because he is afraid? Does he get nervous when you put him in the car because […]


Dogs and Thunderstorms

We are all thankful for the warmer weather, but with spring comes thunderstorms. And thunderstorms are a source of fear for some dogs. Storm season means some dogs will be hiding under beds, in closets or their crates. Many owners want to know how to help their canine friends to get through this common phobia. […]


Why Dogs Bite

I get many phone calls from people whose dogs have bitten someone. They are understandably nervous and afraid of either their dogs or of what will happen to their dogs through the legal system. In order for me to assist, it is important I understand as much about a dog’s motivation for biting as possible. […]