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Giving Commands

It is important when you teach your dog commands you teach them the actual word and not “how” it’s being said. For years owners have been taught to use commands firmly. However, the reality is that most dogs have multiple owners in a home, including small children. Many small children are unable to give commands […]

Why Dogs Bite

I was bitten by a dog today. Luckily, it wasn’t severe. When a dog bites a human, it is my job to understand the motivation behind it. Is the dog being overly playful or aroused, and lacking in self-control? Is he scared? Is she trying to cause harm/vicious? These are some of the factors I take […]


Using Counter-Conditioning for Fearful Dogs

This is the first in our series about conditioning. Counter-conditioning is an essential part of working with dogs with fear, anxiety and reactivity issues. Rather than suppressing a behavior such as fear biting through aversive methods, I work to remedy the fear itself. Let’s say you have an intense fear of snakes—so much so you […]