Real Life Rover Certification

Dog ownership looks different than it did in decades past. Dogs are more than pets; they are our family members. Because the public is beginning to recognize dogs as an integral part of many families, dogs are now permitted in many places where they were not previously. It’s important we teach our dogs how to behave in public situations, whether it’s a dog park, dog-friendly event or restaurant patio. My intensive Real Life Rover class goes above and beyond other certifications in that it not only trains for real-life situations, it also teaches humans how to manage their dog in public (often unpredictable) settings.
This program also allows dogs and their humans to certify at different levels.

Every dog, regardless of their level of friendliness toward other humans and dogs, can be a Real Life Rover. Just because a dog doesn’t want to be petted or doesn’t want to interact with other dogs does not mean she is a unable to complete the program. This is why the human’s role in this program is so important. Dog owners will learn how to deal with the public and also how to keep their dog (and other humans and dogs) safe, while also enjoying time outside of the home.

Our first class will begin in July at the Farm at Natchez Trace. These 6-week classes will be much smaller than other group classes, so space will be limited. Basic and Intermediate classes must first be completed (prior clients may also qualify on case-by-case basis), though class completion doesn’t necessarily mean a dog is ready for Real Life Rover (some just need a little more practice–and that’s okay!). Email us with questions!