For Pet Owners


Nikki will come to your home to work with you, your family and your dog(s).  Each program is tailored to your needs, and may address manners, behavioral issues or both.  After the initial session, subsequent sessions may need to be held in a public area such as a dog park.  The number of sessions needed will depend on the particular issues your dog is facing.  



DogSpeak now offers basic and intermediate training classes.  Learn more and sign up through The Farm at Natchez Trace.  


Online classes available through Udemy.  Check back often as we are adding more!

Check out our online seminars at E-Training For Dogs.



DogSpeak now offers a training membership for existing clients. 

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Thinking about bringing a new dog into your home, but aren't quite sure about it's personality?  Nikki will evaluate a dog for you and can assess what issues you may face after the adoption process, as well as give solutions for those issues.  Nikki can also evaluate your dog at a participating local daycare to see what issues your dog may be facing.  


Skype consultations are great for people outside of the Middle Tennessee area, or for those who may need a quick refresher on a particular exercise or issue.  During the session, Nikki is able to demonstrate training techniques.


Phone/FaceTime consultations with Nikki are a great option for those outside of Middle Tennessee, or for those who need to discuss more involved issues such as behavioral issues.  This service is also helpful for anyone who isn't sure what their next step should be with training their dog.


Nikki has written multiple dog training books.  Topics covered include fearful dogs, inner-pack aggression, multiple dog households and more.  You can purchase Nikki's books and guides through CreateSpace.